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Metal Recyclers LTD.

Buyers and processors of Non-Ferrous Metals
in Calgary.



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Member of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

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SAC building

3815 90th Ave. S.E.
Calgary, Ab, T2C 2S5
phone: 403-279-2724 or 403-Any-Junk
email: info(at)shredacan.com

Monday to Friday
7:30am - 4:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday

Giving life to old lead batteries

Recycling Lead acid batteries is very important as 99% of the battery is recycled.  This means that we don't have to depend on mining lead to make new batteries.
Here's a video explaining the the recycling process.

The wonders of the Catalytic Converter

Catalytic conveters contain platinum, palladium, rhodium which are very expensive precious metals.  This is why we recycle them and why they have a high scrap recycling value.

Metals and Alloys we frequently purchase 

Aluminum - Brass - Copper -Lead - Stainless Steel - Nickel Alloys - Titanium - Zinc - Ballasts - Radiators - Transformers - Electric Motors - Lead Acid Batteries - Cast Iron - All Insulated Wire.

Sorting your Scrap Metal

This video shows you how to seperate ferrous scrap from non ferrous scrap.  Ferrous scrap is made of iron and is magnetic.  It is very helpful to both parties if you have material seperated.

Sorting your Scrap Metal the Scratch Test

This video shows you how to seperate different metals by scratching them and revealing the true metal underneath the top coatings.  Also valuable is the spark test. read more.

Aluminum Recycling

Just about everything you use has Aluminum in it. It's easy to recycle, but hard to mine.  We throw it into landfills and don't think twice about it. 
What does Aluminum have to do with cows?
Let Bill Nye the Science Guy show you.

Videos Focusing on Scrap Metal Recycling